Disinfected Veterinary Hospitals: Good for Business, Good for Pets

A clean appearance is good for business. In that respect, a veterinary practice is no different than any other commercial facility. But here’s the big difference between a veterinary hospital and other commercial spaces: its clients will likely drool, wet the floor, and shed hair all over everything.

Rely on Experts

Cleaning up an occasional mess, or wiping surfaces between exams, is one thing. It’s too much to expect a veterinary staff to take on this task in addition to their other duties. Hiring a commercial cleaning service is a better option. And hiring a commercial service with expertise in cleaning veterinary hospitals is the best option.

Whether you’re operating a small veterinary clinic in the Baltimore area or a large emergency care center, your needs are the same: protect the health of the animals and create a safe environment for your staff. Cleaning must focus on ensuring the facility is clean and preventing the spread of germs from pet to pet, pet to person — or even from person to person.

Meet Higher Standards

Spaces in a veterinary facility accommodate both animals and people. These spaces include waiting rooms and the front desk; restrooms; staff-only areas such as back offices and employee break rooms; and treatment and boarding areas, including exam rooms, surgery suites, and kennels.

The variety of this environment makes veterinary facilities a combination of both commercial and healthcare spaces. Like commercial offices, veterinary facilities require public-facing areas to meet professional standards of cleanliness but with a twist. For instance, most retail environments don’t need pet hair cleaned from ceiling fans and vents.  And like medical offices, veterinary facilities require high levels of attention to cleanliness and disinfection but also with a twist. Remember, these patients are likely to lick the furniture and wallow on the floors, so all cleaning agents need to be as effective but as safe as possible. 

Low-quality cleaning and disinfection practices will discourage pet owners from returning, and even worse, poor cleaning services could contribute to illness in pets and employees. The cleaners who maintain your veterinary clinic must be trained in its specialized requirements.  

Unleash a Higher Level of Clean

With a reputation for excellence in commercial cleaning and expertise in healthcare settings, Spotless Cleaning Services is a logical choice for veterinary clinics in Baltimore and the Central and Southern Maryland regions. Our expert staff is trained in the cleaning protocols for veterinary hospitals. We will clean as much or as little as you want and help you determine a regular schedule that will provide the level of quality you need. 

With our deep, professional cleaning services, you’ll keep pets and people safe and comfortable. And the spotless environment will assure pet owners that you will provide the same quality in caring for their pets.

If you’d like more information about the importance of a specialized cleaning program for your veterinary hospital, or if you’d like to schedule a free consultation, contact Spotless Cleaning Services today. We look forward to helping you take excellent care of Baltimore’s pets!

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